Chinese Food - Brief Introduction

A brief introduction of Chinese food

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2012-09-11 00:32:08

A Brief Introduction of Chinese Food Chinese cooking is one of the greatest methods of...

Anhui Food

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2012-09-11 00:53:46

Anhui Food Anhui cuisine (Hui Cai for short), one of the eight most famous cuisines in...

Beijing Food

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2012-09-11 01:07:50

Beijing Food Beijing is the Capital city of many dynasties in the history of China, and many...

Cantonese Food

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2012-09-11 01:14:54

Cantonese Food Cantonese food is the most popular style outside China. Cantonese cuisine...

Jiangsu Food

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2012-09-12 00:02:32

Jiangsu Food A journey through Jiangsu is not only a chance to experience beautiful river...

Hunan Food

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2012-09-12 00:13:22

Hunan Food Also known as Xiang Cai, Hunan cuisine has already developed into a famous...

Shanghai Food

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2012-09-12 00:14:57

Shanghai Food Shanghai, being a relatively new city in China, does not really have a cuisine...

Zhejiang Food

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2012-09-12 00:19:18

Zhejiang Food One of the major eight schools of cooking in China, Zhejiang cuisine offers...

Sichuan Food

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2012-09-12 00:23:35

Sichuan Food People immediately think of Sichuan food as being hot, sour, sweet, and salty;...