Taiwanese Food Blog

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2012-11-04 00:34:29

     The purpose of this blog is to bring the Taiwanese cuisine into everyone’s homes and share the recipes that I have picked up along the way, through family secrets and various travels around the world, particularly around Asia.

     My name is David. I am Taiwanese, growing up inTaipei but have been living in Detroit Michigan for many years. When first arriving in Detroit 11 years ago, I was desperate to find good Taiwanese restaurants that could live up to those offered inTaipei.

     Trial after trial of many restaurants in Metro Detroit, I was repeatedly disappointed. However, with my passion for food and perseverance, slowly I started uncovering some of the great restaurants Metro Detroit had to offer.

     I spend my days testing recipes, trying out different infusions, combinations and rediscovering forgotten dishes that originate from all parts of Taiwan and Asia.

     Photography, yet another passion of mine provided the expertise to taking photographs of my dishes and help bring these creations to life.

     If you would like to share any recipes or have any comments, get in touch.

     I hope you become as inspired as I am and enjoy the Taiwanese food!

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